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I often get asked what we look for in our budding recruitment entrepreneurs.

When you’re looking for investment for your recruitment start-up, no matter how much research, contemplation and planning you do, the stakes are often high. When we launch a new recruitment venture, there is a high risk for SSG.

The beauty of our model is that the risk is a lot lower for the investee.

Here are our top reasons why we wouldn’t support some hopeful recruitment business owners.

1. There is no evidence that the business will make money

Past success is a reliable predictor of future success. If you haven’t worked in a traditional ‘360’ recruitment role before and there is no evidence of consistent billing, then it would be very difficult for us to take that leap of faith. Learning agility is important however core recruitment skills and sector knowledge are paramount.

2. There is no plan

In our lives, we find ourselves constantly balancing our own needs with that of those around us.; our colleagues, our bosses, and the businesses we work for. It’s very rare that all those needs align, and its probably fair to assume that you wouldn’t be reading this if you felt your needs were being met where you are. Framed in the perspective of why, the best advice is to understand your vision and what your business will deliver you. You can then press on to make it happen with conviction.

3. No ambition

Ideally, you should be asking yourself, what you are looking to get out of it. In other words, what does your successful future look like?

Is it the peace of mind in knowing that you’re in charge of your own destiny?
Do you want to build a multi-million pound empire of do you want to have a lifestyle business?

4. No understanding of your sector or niche

Marketplace positioning will be crucial to your success. Many recruitment businesses offer a service within a sector but often struggle to become a market leader. Instead of targeting a broad candidate base, try to think of ways you can narrow your scope within your area of expertise, where you can provide in demand opportunities and be the best at what you do.

By focussing on a small audience, your business will be able to stretch its resources further and bring in customers who are closely aligned with your offering. Those are the people who need your services most and are therefore more likely to convert and remain loyal customers.

You’ll win more business in the long-term and stand out from the ‘big agency’ competitor field.

5. We are just not right for you

Sometimes we need to accept, that we will just not be the right route for you. It needs to feel natural and we both need to feel comfortable that we are doing the right thing however now and again, that just isn’t the case.