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Recruitment entrepreneur skill set

Most aspiring recruitment entrepreneurs are either on a tight budget or are keen to keep overheads to a minimum. This makes perfect sense. The leap from employee to owner or employer can be huge and it can feel like a lonely journey at times.

Recruitment entrepreneurs have specific skillsets which have made them successful up until this point, but owning your agency requires lots of different skill sets. However skilled you are you may need a quick learning curve in some areas. It’s impossible to be an expert at everything! Even if you do have lots of different skills and experiences, you will have decisions to make on what areas you will take on yourself and where you will need extra help. Initially you may think you can do it all and you may succeed up to a point – but at what cost?

  • How many hours will you be working?
  • Are you being efficient with your time?
  • Are you actually doing a good job?

At this point you should be asking yourself why you setup your recruitment agency in the first place?  From our experience, our partners are experienced recruiters who have gone as far as they can and climbed the corporate ladder. They have now reached a crossroads and are looking at the options available to them – what next? Often they tell us they are fed up of working all hours earning lots of money for somebody else. It’s no surprise they want to earn more! Having the flexibility of working for themselves and working the hours that fit their lifestyle is also very appealing.

The recruitment entrepreneur skills you need

To get setup and operating as a recruitment entrepreneur, you will need to tick off a long list of items that will require different skill sets to complete. Forming and registering your company, finance and accounts, premises, design and marketing and technology,

As you can see there is a lot to think about. If you are on your own, how long will it take you to tick off this criteria? Some of these will not be an issue for most people but there will likely be some that will be completely new to you.

Overcoming obstacles

Wanting to be your own boss and conquer the world is admirable but you shouldn’t mistake this for needing to do it all by yourself. The main reasons why people don’t take the plunge is often down to a mixture of some or all of the following:

  • Personal circumstances (What’s going on in your life)
  • Self belief
  • Getting out of their comfort zones (I’m doing ok so why take the risk?)
  • Fear of failure
  • Financial worries
  • Business knowledge

So there are a lot of physical and mental barriers to jump over to get to the point where you decide to go it alone. The trouble can be in that if you are alone, you are trying to do too much and not getting the right support in the areas that you need it.

Where do you get help?

As you’ve probably guessed by now, that’s where SSG Partnerships can help!

We partner with recruitment entrepreneurs taking care of all aspects to launching and growing their business. Recruiters are good at finding new clients and candidates. They can stay focussed on the areas that they are good at and enjoy whilst we take care of all the other pain points. We’ll help launch the business and give you the mentoring and support you need to succeed.