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Adam lives in as he describes, ‘a constant mad house’ in Gloucester with his wife and 2 girls aged 2 and 4 months. In his spare time he takes the opportunity to get out and train Crossfit, sometimes entering some local competitions to dust off the cobwebs.

Starting out in recruitment 14 years ago with a high street recruiter, Adam was placing industrial temps at 40p margins. He then spent 10 years at Hays, recruiting at various points into Education, Construction and finally IT. During this time he gained valuable experience managing multiple teams in the office. Specialising in temporary and contract markets, Adam very rarely touched permanent recruitment. In 2022 however, the time was right for Adam to launch his own technology recruitment business. IMT Resourcing Solutions was born and he hasn’t looked back since!

The Business

Based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, IMT Resourcing specialise in Technology and Engineering recruitment. They now have 3 consultants in the business. One person heads up engineering across perm, and two others in technology. Between them, they cover permanent and contract recruitment across IT, Network, Software, Projects, and Security.


We asked Adam about his motivation for starting his own technology recruitment business:

‘I had probably been thinking about setting up on my own for about 5 years when I was at Hays. I felt nervous about taking the plunge however as it felt like such a big move. Chatting with Ash at SSG made me feel more at ease after feeling pretty disillusioned with my situation. Being pushed down the people management track and having to fight for commission even though my teams were billing in excess 1.5 million each year wasn’t great. The imminent arrival of my first daughter spurred me on to go ahead and I’ve not looked back.’

Adam added ‘I did have an initial conversation with another investor. I also thought about doing it on my own but felt the support that was offered from SSG was what I needed to be able to just crack on with billing’.

Onboarding Experience

‘Onboarding was excellent, I felt like SSG were in control of everything that needed to be done. I didn’t need to worry about anything as ultimately it was taken care of. My experience with SSG has been great and during my first 12 months it allowed me to just get on with building out my customer base. I hit the ground running ultimately because SSG were doing all of the back office and admin bits. I’ve been able to achieve numbers that I seriously wasn’t expecting.

We asked Adam about business growth so far:

‘Within 18 months we went from just me to a team of 3 with an expected turnover in year 2 of over 1.5 million. We’re in a great place to continue to invest in bringing in more headcount and I’ve even had my biggest personal billing month and year.

‘My advice to anybody looking to start up their own recruitment agency would be to make sure you have a plan in place first. Work out what you want to do before launching. Don’t go in with the mindset that you are a MD / CEO. Focus on billing and getting revenue behind before you worry about being a ‘Boss’.’


Owning his own business has given Adam the opportunity to be more flexible in the way he works that he hadn’t had before. He’s probably worked harder as he has the extra motivation of bigger rewards. More importantly, he’s loving what he does again and his wife has even noticed a significant change in improvement in his wellbeing. He has a sense of pride that he is building something and is in control of his own destiny.

Working with SSG

‘SSG has given me the opportunity to build a technology recruitment business I thought would take me years to get too. It’s taken away the headache of all the business stuff and allowed me to get on a bill whilst having the time to learn those aspects and not worry that the business is falling over. I’d recommend SSG to anyone looking for a partner to support them grow.’

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Technology Recruitment business