Nourish – Hospitality Recruitment business

Branding themselves as ‘Surrey’s secret ingredient for Hospitality and Catering Recruitment’, Nourish recruit locally in Surrey and the Home Counties. The hospitality recruitment business was formed in April 2023 by Joanne Bourn and specialise in providing sector-specific permanent recruitment solutions. Nourish offer a professional, thorough, and successful recruitment experience, and do so by tailoring what they do to their clients requirements.


A happily married mum of an 8 and a 2 year old, Joanne remarked “Family is very important to me and my motivations largely stay on making sure I am providing they right opportunities for the Kids and being visible for when they need me!”. When she gets the opportunity her ideal start to the day or at lunchtime is to go out running. Joanne added, “My husband would likely say I’m a bit of a work horse but it is important to get a balance between work, family and spending time for yourself”.

Recruitment Experience

Starting in 2007 for Blue Arrow Catering (as it was then in Guildford), Jo had just come off of cruise ships and was initially turned down at interview based on the fact she wasn’t driving and had no real knowledge of Guildford. She offered to work pro bono at the time and as a result set up the perm catering desk in Guildford where she stayed for 8 years (a large part of that working with another future SSG partner James Kapadia who now runs Aspiria and recommended Jo to us).

In 2013, she made the move to Scattergoods, a more independent local firm in the catering sector. This was recruiting for permanent positions and it was in this role that she learnt what it was like to work in more of an independent business. In 2020, Joanne joined appetite4recruitment who were the best culture fit in terms of their team centred approach but not so much location wise based in London.

Going solo

Following adoption leave in 2021 where Jo and her husband were gifted a beautiful boy, she decided to set up her own business. ‘Nourish’, a hospitality recruitment business was then born fulfilling an ambition she had always had to work for herself. Being in control of her own business has given Joanne the flexibility to manage work and family life.

“It’s been a great first year and I’m looking forward to celebrating it properly on our 1st Anniversary on 18th April!” Jo added. “I tried to set myself up as an independent consultant initially around 2013. Twice I came close during the years following, however also at that time had a further personal fight on my hands in completing our family. Following the adoption of my son (second child) in 2023 I felt there was no better time than now to complete my career ambition and consequently set up ‘Nourish’”.

Why SSG?

Deciding whether to go totally alone at start up or seek assistance is a huge decision to make. We asked Jo what the deciding factors were for her in making her decision. “I knew I would need support on both the systems side, general business set up and financial areas of the business – I chose to partner to gradually be able to learn this whilst being able to conduct my day job and run a reputable lifestyle business. The initial set up was seamless and confidence building, SSG are very accessible. The creative team have been fantastic with all merchandise from pens to client gifting. Accounts have also continued with monthly catch ups helping me to navigate my business accounts. Post go live, the Partner Support team have really been a great help with giving me advice and helping me grow the business”.

First year of trading

It has been quite a start for Jo. After just 11 months of trading, Nourish has built a turnover of £190k! A confident start and one that she can be very proud of in a tricky market.

Advice for would be entrepreneurs

Jo’s advice for would be recruiters is simply “Do it!! – you only live once, but make sure you have strict vision and know your market. It mainly has allowed a bit more choice and the flexibility for my young family, it does feel like the best thing I have ever done”!

Has Jo’s story been an inspiration for you? If you have recruitment experience and are looking at starting your own business, then contact us. It’s well worth exploring the options and seeing if we can work in partnership.

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