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Recruitment start up fast track

The average length of time it takes to start up a recruitment agency is around 4 months. This is from the day you are totally 100% committed to going ahead to actually going live. However, it can take 6-12 months of procrastination time (and in our experience sometimes considerably longer) to actually get to this stage in the first place.

The biggest hold ups in the process are normally related to financing or legal. However, there can be any number of unforeseen issues that can crop up and throw a spanner in the works. Most recruiters who go it alone are unaware of the recruitment startup fast track options that are available to them.

Looking at a recruitment startup fast track can take away the delays and remove any concerns that may exist.

Fast track recruitment business start up

Let’s have a look at every aspect of setting up a recruitment business. How can SSG Partnerships FastTrack solution help potential recruitment owners to set up their own agency?


Let’s start with the big one. How much do you realistically need to get started? A big factor here is the scale of the startup you are looking for. If you need premises for example, then you should factor in a deposit. All of the areas listed below will incur either start up costs or will need paying soon after startup when you may not have any billings coming in.

The SSG Fast Track pathway can help overcome these issues. By taking care of every aspect of the startup process and also if necessary providing 6-12 months salary support, we’ll help you through the early months.

Everything is designed to minimize the risk and help you towards your goal of building a successful business. Everything is structured to assist you in earning the income that you deserve.


Our accounts team will remove the headache of accounting, organising your financial tasks such as bookkeeping, taxes and payroll each month.

Creative and technical

We’ll create an attractive, bespoke brand and website for your new recruitment agency, with additional marketing materials to help grow your brand. Here’s a couple of examples of literally hundreds of websites that we have built over the years – Alpine Fox and Smart Recruit IT.


Launching a new recruitment business can be challenging on your own. We are here to provide professional HR and legal advice whenever you need it.

Systems and Technology

Our technology experts are ready to assist you with anything from setting up new computers to consulting on technology to improve business efficiency.

What else does SSG recruitment startup FastTrack give you?

Apart from all of the above, the FastTrack option gives you access to our wide network of over 150 recruiters giving you access to a huge network of recruitment specialists.

Our in house recruitment experts are also on hand to advise and support you post launch. Contact us to discuss your recruitment business proposal and see if we can help.

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