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Let’s go from start-up to sale

For passionate entrepreneurial recruiters who want to build and scale a recruitment business to exit. All with the support from an expert partner.

Investing in our Venture Partners

Our Venture Partnership focuses on transitioning start-up recruitment businesses into fully scaled, functioning companies, complete with staff, healthy cashflow and rapid growth. Venture Partners receive investment funding, extensive operational support services and strategic executive advice from recruitment industry experts. Over our 20+ years in the industry we’ve partnered with clients who have had an opportunity to accelerate their growth with recruitment business investment and strategic planning.

In addition to the standard service provision offered by SSG,

Key features for a Venture partner include

Investment Funding

With careful due diligence, investment is structured to enable businesses to confidently scale rapidly.

De-risking Expansion

Working in partnership to develop and execute a solid strategic and financial plan can significantly reduce the risks.

Mentoring and Advisory Support

We have decades of experience within start-up and scaling recruitment businesses across the UK and internationally that we can use to support you on your journey.

Detailed Financial planning

We provide, long and short term planning together with ongoing financial management and analysis to our Venture partners.

Strategic and Operational Support

Challenging plans, direction and operational structures is key to stress test the strategic direction of a growing business.

Marketing and Talent Attraction

We work with our partners to develop marketing and talent acquisition strategies for the business.

Future Proofing

We work with our partners to build a business that can demonstrate all factors required to command the highest multiples possible.

Support and Advice on selling and exiting

To sell or exit a business via a trade sale or MBO/MBI for a maximum consideration takes time to demonstrate a track record and history for the purchaser(s) to be confident in the business they are acquiring.

Is a Venture Partnership for you?

We’re passionate about launching and supporting recruitment businesses, and we want to partner with entrepreneurial recruiters who are equally as ambitious about developing a successful, sustainable and established recruitment company. A Venture Partnership may be for you if…

  • You have strong, growing client relationships
  • You have a track record of continuous contract wins
  • You have national and/or international expansion
  • You have a solid business model and you’re ready to scale

Growing together

A shared value for SSG and Venture Partners is the desire to grow together. We developed our growth fund to invest in recruitment businesses and entrepreneurs who want to scale and exit, and want to develop a company that will make waves in the recruitment industry.

SSG investment covers two key strategies with a view to exit in full or partial equity sale.

Growth Capital

Business investment to fund new hires, new and existing service offerings, offices, training and development, structural changes, and internal resources.

Equity Release & Growth Capital

Part purchase of shareholding of Principal(s) to recognise the current value of the business, along with the additional investment outlined in Growth Capital.

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