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You’re an independent recruiter and you’re looking to attract more attention, but you don’t have a big enough budget to hire your own marketing team yet.

So, what do you do?

Well, you could find a business you can outsource the work to.

If you choose wisely, they can do pretty much anything a marketing team can do, whether that’s on a case-by-case basis or retainer.

So how is this going to help you? Let’s look at the benefits shall we:

Client Retention

Your current clients will hopefully know what to expect from you, and most importantly, they have already used your services. Even if they’re not recruiting right now, they will hopefully want to work with you again in the future.

One of the best ways if ensuring this is through regular, high-touch communication. For the busy recruitment business owner, this is difficult to do, but a good support team can help you out.

An example could be creating a weekly newsletter. You can pack it with useful information for your clients and include an invitation to contact you if they need your services. This keeps you at the top of your clients’ minds, so you’ll be the first to hear from them when they need a recruiter again.

Increase Website Traffic

Make your website work for you. In the long run, investment in search engine optimization (SEO) can be a much more effective way to cultivate authority in your field and build a sustainable flow of traffic.

The right team can advise on advertising and marketing plans that drive traffic from social media, for example, supported with a content plan.

More traffic doesn’t necessarily mean more business. That’s why targeted adverts and keywords are so important. A professional team, however, can help generate a flow of traffic to your site, which puts you in a better position to win more business.

Promote your unique brand

Some people think all recruitment agencies are all the same. That’s why it’s so important for you to set yourself apart from the flock as a uniquely valuable agency.

To the less experienced ‘recruitment marketeer, the whole concept of developing a personal brand can sound garishly overwhelming. However, it can be simply overcome by just finding a style that suits you. Moreover, consistent and content-rich messaging will reinforce the idea that your service adds value.

Branding is all about making sure your target audience know that you provide a value-added service and that you are seen being better than your competitors.

Become a Thought Leader

Over time, you’ll naturally build a small library of marketing content that will hopefully cover every aspect of your business.

You may wonder who would bother to read all those posts, but the truth is the people most interested in buying from you will be very willing to read every word.

When your prospects see that your website is a source of genuinely useful content, they’ll trust you more and be more willing to contact you when they need a recruiter.

So, what’s the solution?

You can, of course, do all the research yourself, hire a freelancer (for example), agree a ‘£ per hour’ or project basis and away you go. But you’ve got to ask yourself,

“What’s really in it for them?”.

Such a transactional based relationship might be just enough for you. After all, the freelance market is abundant with talent.

It may not, however, be the right support you need, especially if you’re objective is to grow and maintain a sustainable business.

Perhaps a partnership would be more suitable?

Perhaps a business ‘partner’ that not only provides tangible services from the outset but also supports you with a marketing team, who you know you can call on, as and when you need is a better option?

If you can find a team of providers before you start your business who you know will always be there, regardless of whether the company makes money, then I feel the business will have a really good chance of succeeding.

SSG’s business model is a prime example. From the outset, the team at SSG will help you figure out exactly what support, tools & resources your business is going to need. You will then have immediate access to this. The set-up is free and there is no charge unless you make a placement. SSG are motivated to make it work for you as they are only financially rewarded on your success.

One of the on-going support services SSG offers is advice and support on SEO and the role of the website within your business. SSG clients have access to an in-house technical support team and on-demand contact with their very own creative team that can help you with all the above.

Whether its advice on the utilisation of social media, advertising, marketing or sourcing support, SSG have your back.

Listen to what our clients have to say!

You can listen to some real-life stories from recruitment business owners who have experienced and learned from the support at SSG on my podcast, The Recruiter Room

Here, I’m joined by recruitment business leaders, founders, directors and industry champions, diving deep into their intriguing worlds & learning to understand what business ownership means to them.