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Learn the recruitment industry

Working in recruitment is often seen as earning easy money by people from outside of the industry. ‘That’s easy, I could do that’, is a common response. But as we all know, nothing comes easy, you have to work hard at it. Only when we have leant the industry, the tricks of the trade, built relationships and proved our worth does it start to get easier.

Starting out in recruitment

You won’t meet many recruiters who will tell you that they’ve always wanted to be a recruiter. Most fall into it somehow and once in will never leave. For those who gain experience and start to bill decent amounts, the rewards can be very lucrative. Inevitably though, the recruiter is still being employed by somebody else and is only taking home a small percentage of their billings in commission. So how can recruiters earn a larger slice of the pie?

Starting a recruitment agency

The obvious solution to giving your hard earned billings to your employer is to become the business owner yourself and start your own recruitment agency. An easy solution on paper, who doesn’t want to be their own boss, make their own decisions and make their own money?

It does take a certain type of person to actually do this though. The entrepreneurial spirit, not all of us have this. We may like the sound of the dream but when it comes down to it we’re quite risk averse and are happy taking a salary and the commission from our placements.

What’s stopping you from starting a recruitment business?

Fear of failure, security, start up costs, business knowledge, imposter syndrome? There could be other factors to throw into this list. Resistance to change could also play a part, better the devil you know in some cases. If you take a step back and start to dig into these reasons it’s also easy to build a case for starting your own business. You are after all an experienced, successful recruiter. Surely you will be even more successful with the added motivation of keeping more of your billings for yourself. Having previous experience and success are both great reasons why you should consider starting a recruitment agency.


Let’s get down to the heart of the statement then ‘Why you should consider starting a recruitment agency’. If we break this down it’s probably never been easier for a start. Before we look at overcoming the objections though let’s sort out a few things.

  • You need experience!

Ok, just one thing, but a very important one. We get literally 100’s of people contact us telling us about their ambition to start a recruitment agency when they have never even worked in recruitment before. It’s like finding out you can make good money as a plumber so you quit your job, buy some tools and put out some adverts for work. You may get there eventually if you are remotely competent but most likely you will mess up a lot of jobs, get a bad reputation and not make much money from it. The best way to start is to get experience in an agency and see if it is for you.

Overcoming the objections

If you have the experience and are a high biller (£150,000 or $250,000), then you are off to a good start. Every other hurdle can be overcome a lot easier than you probably think.

SSG Partnerships exist to create recruitment entrepreneurs. If you can prove that you meet our requirements, we will invest in you with our expertise and financial backing to help you succeed. We will go through a business plan with you ensuring the foundations are right and then work with you to launch your business. With our Fast Track option you could be live in just 4 weeks.

The business remains yours, our part of the partnership is to provide the support and investment (if required) to launch and then the recruitment mentors to guide you to success. Want to find out how it all works? Book a call with one of our recruitment experts below.