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Recruitment Business Plan

Ready to take control of your future by starting your own recruitment agency?

The closer you get to putting your plan into action, the sooner you will need to write a professional business plan that will help you:

  • Understand your competition
  • Define your unique selling proposition (USP)
  • Outline your business milestones
  • Investigate funding options
  • Get your business off the ground

SSG is currently supporting 200 UK-based recruitment startups launch and grow into successful agencies, so we’ve put together a helpful and easy-to-follow guide to writing a successful business plan for a recruitment startup.

What should my business plan contain?

In order to have maximum impact and cover all the questions that might be asked by a potential investor, bank manager or partner, your business plan should include the following sections:

  • A clear and concise executive summary
  • Details about your new recruitment business
  • An analysis of the market and your competitors
  • Your plan for sales and marketing
  • How you will manage the business
  • A detailed breakdown of your operations plan
  • Your financial projections and requirements

Want to know more about SSG?

SSG gives rocket fuel to entrepreneurial recruiters. By taking the financial risk and administrative hassle out of launching your own recruitment start-up, SSG lets you concentrate on what you love doing: making great placements.