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The SSG 360 Partner Community

Join hands with a community of like-minded recruitment entrepreneurs and unlock the path to success together.

What We Offer

Our core focus is to nurture collaboration and the exchange of innovative ideas among individuals. Within our structured cohorts, founders unite to share their insights, successes, challenges recommendations, and journeys.

Virtual and In-Person Meetups and Events

We provide opportunities for you to connect both online and face-to-face. Our events are designed to foster meaningful relationships through networking.

Partner Workshops and Webinars

Gain access to the latest recruitment insights and cutting-edge tactics in our partner-exclusive workshops and webinars.

WhatsApp Groups

Stay connected with your fellow partners and stay updated on the go.

Peer Groups

Join sector-specific, region-based, and cohort-specific peer groups for tailored discussions and support.

Fee-Sharing Community

Collaborate with your peers on fee-sharing opportunities to enhance your business’s growth.

Leaderboards Fuelling Friendly Competition

Get ready for some friendly competition as you climb the leaderboards and set new milestones.

Monthly Virtual Events

Engage with our monthly virtual events, providing a platform for knowledge sharing and community building.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with fellow partners, share experiences, and build lasting relationships within our ever-growing community.

Success thrives in unity, and your journey is enhanced by the strength of our collective expertise.

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Our team of professionals will assist you every step of the way and provide you with the resources you need to succeed.

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